Gadgets and old school mechanics celebrating the triumph of engineering over pesky nature: darkness, disease, gravity...

From the team behind hit show Your Days Are Numbered: Maths of Death ('a genuinely fun, thought-provoking hour', Their last show drew sell-out crowds, debunking dodgy stats, media scares and overblown health panics.

Now they're back to give the same irreverent treatment to Mother Nature and the mean tricks she pulls to try and keep humans in their place: the cave. See how engineering helps humanity defy nature and beat boredom into submission. Also: robots!

  • Matt Parker

    Matt Parker is known as the "stand-up mathematician" and is the only person to hold the prestigious title of London Mathematical Society Popular Lecturer while simultaneously having a sold-out comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Matt is always keen to mix his two passions of mathematics and stand-up as well as presenting TV and radio shows.

    Starting as a normal maths teacher while also working on the UK stand-up circuit, Matt's comedy gradually moved down towards the nerdy spectrum until now whole sections of his routines are delivered in binary. Matt Parker is one third of Festival of the Spoken Nerd and he appears regularly on BBC Radio4′s Infinite Monkey Cage and writes about maths for The Guardian.

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  • Timandra Harkness


    Timandra spent five years performing solo stand up comedy after running away from the circus.

     “There is a real sense of risk and danger surrounding Timandra Harkness’s act. Harkness has a deadly wit. She tosses away subtle one-liners as though they were chocolate wrappings, then picks them up and recycles them in her next routine.” - The Scotsman

    She then founded THE COMEDY RESEARCH PROJECT, a double act with scientist Dr. Helen Pilcher, and has performed science comedy in the UK, USA and Australia. Her experience of compèring and improvised comedy comes in handy for live events and broadcasting. For example, hosting events for the Wellcome Collection and Cheltenham Science Festival, and appearing on obscure BBC4 puzzle-based gameshows.

    She’s written and directed two short films, Maneater and Reported Missing, which hit the International festival circuit. With Linda Cotterill she wrote a comedy, No Future in Eternity, which was broadcast twice on BBC Radio 4 after a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

    Timandra won the 1997 Independent newspaper column-writing competition with a short piece on goat-borrowing.

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  • "double entendres a plenty in this robomatic sketch show"

    "lots of technical wizardry, nerdy pilgrimages and fun facts... Lots of funnies"

    Scotsgay Fringe 

    Aug 2012 4 stars
  • "The repeated use of robots was hilarious... It’s difficult to make flow charts funny but these two manage to turn them into the biggest laughs in the show."

    Broadway Baby 

    Aug 2012 3 stars
  • "Poops and giggles all round"


    Aug 2012 3 stars



AnnouncerHelen Arney
Evil Robot & CommentatorJohn Last
Song arranged & accompanied byDr. Andrew Pontzen
DirectorChris Head
Technical ManagerJames Lowey
Props designed & made byMelis van den Berg
Stools loaned byRoss from 1F1
DesignSimon Wright
AdministrationDr. Katie Steckles
PressFlick Morris PR

Supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering

Grateful thanks to our farsighted ancestors for allowing an industrial
revolution to happen